Photography Exhibition: Path of Giants

On Wednesday, December 12, Albatros Media Foundation, based at the City of Knowledge, inaugurated the photo exhibition «Path of Giants: Whales in the City» in the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center.

Path of Giants seeks to arouse the interest of the nations of the Americas, speak out in defense of the lives of whales and promote non-lethal use of cetaceans, such as responsible ecotourism.

According to Alejandro Balaguer, General Director of the Albatros Media Foundation, «whale watching tourism helps the economy of the villages affected by overfishing. Thus, whales can help reduce the pressure over our seas resources. The Path of Giants message is clear: whales are worth more alive. Worldwide, whale watching mobilizes around 15 million tourists that spend each year over 1 billion and half-dollars. In our region there are more than 900,000 tourists who spend more than $280 million to see whales.»

The exhibition will be open for two months until February 12, 2013.

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