Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Pecha Kucha Night Panama at the City of Knowledge Ateneo

The seventh edition of the Pecha Kucha Night Panama took place among a full audience, at the Ateneo inside the City of Knowledge, and with a showcase of talent and creativity.  Eight speakers contributed in transmitting, in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, their original and innovative ideas.

The evening started with a presentation on behalf of Walo Araújo, representing the City of Knowledge Foundation, focusing on the evolution of Clayton, from a military base to a knowledge center, and on the Ateneo’s building history and its recent rehabilitation.

After the brief presentation, Pecha Kucha style, the evening began with the ideas of Manuel Lorenzo, Director of the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator, who spoke about entrepreneurs in Panama and the importance in helping them find their passion. After that, Nina Tissera, N Productions Director, contributed with her experience in turning music festivals to sustainable events that reduce their environmental impact. Diana Gomez from the Casa Taller Foundation spoke to us about the urgency to implement creativity and innovation in social development projects. And before the break, scientist Gustavo Núñez, from Nano Dispersions, submitted its urgent vision about the changes that are required for our societies to be sustainable.   During the break, the audience was able to enjoy sushi and beer while at the same time having an opportunity to discuss the event which some of them attended for the first time and which others where already familiarized with.   Ferrán Galindo, Project Manager at the City of Knowledge, was in charge of opening the second round of presentations with a great and complex vision about networks, from micro to macro, and how we interact in today’s world.  It was turn then for musician Yigo Sugasti who spoke about his particular experience innovating in Panamanian rock music in the 80’s and about his commitment to propel a new generation of national musicians.  Jonathan Harker gave the event a dose of humor by touching the subject of the evolution of humanity in what is known as “storytelling”.  Finally, entrepreneur Sebastián Mendoza, shared with us his personal experience while speaking about his entrepreneur grandparents and how they motivated him to want to start changing the world.   Pecha Kucha Night Panama at the Ateneo was without a doubt an event that motivated and inspired many audience members who left thinking about what can they do to be part of this great human collective made out of creative and innovative ideas. 


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