Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Party at the Ateneo with Vocal Sampling

The Cuban band Vocal Sampling presented its unusual show last Thursday, November 24, at the City of Knowledge Ateneo, which turned into an authentic party of melodies and impossible rhythms created by the voice of six virtuous artists.

Vocal Sampling gave an outstanding performance, in which everything was sung, that astonished an audience devoted to the tones of these phenomenal throats. With amazing trumpet, piano, percussion, guitar and flute solos, the Cuban band went through various musical genders, from salsa to rock, always offering a unique show. Every member of the group carried out its part with an amazing concentration that created superb melodies, product of the symbiosis of each piece of the band.

With festive music, sung by a really active audience, and an incredible energy, the band’s proposal made the audience dance and sing to known songs that were interpreted in a special way. Vocal Sampling offered their naked voices, very well accompanied, that sheltered the Ateneo in an authentic party of creativity and vocal talent.

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