Panama: humanities, culture, future. A forum at the City of Knowledge

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, Panama has come to know economic and social changes whose reach and significance is only equivalent, perhaps, to the years of the creation and organization of our Republic. To assist in the task of identifying and addressing the challenges posed by these transformations, the City of Knowledge Foundation held, on Thursday, April 19, the forum Panama: humanities, culture, future.

The forum counted with the prescence of Luis Pacheco, Director of the Motion Picture Association of Panama (Asocine); Romulo Castro, singer/songwriter; Eduardo Araujo, cultural promoter; Ana Elena Porras, anthropologist; Jorge Giannareas, political scientist; and Magela Cabrera, architect planner. Each one of them, within their respective spheres of activity and experience, contributed ideas and spoke with attendees about the issue raised. Manuel Zárate, environmentalist, and member of the Scientific Committee of the City of Knowledge Foundation, was charged with the task of moderating the debate and provide a summary of their results.

This activity is part of the Extension program of the City of Knowledge Foundation, which includes forums, discussions and training activities on issues of national interest, to be held throughout the year in various parts of the country.

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