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Panama boosts business activities with PTA businesses

Málaga, April 17th (EFE).  Panama’s International Technopark at the City of Knowledge has signed an agreement with Andalucia’s Technological Park (PTA), based in Malaga, to impel the cooperation between both entities as well as to help them do business in Latin America.

That’s what the Panamanian head of the business center, Ricardo Endara, told EFE during his participation in an investment opportunity seminar in Latin America organized by the PTA in order to inform of the benefits of settling in Panama and South America.

“We offer Panama as a business platform so that Spanish companies have the opportunity to invest in Latin America”, said Endara, who has put special emphasis in the strategic location the country occupies and the quantity of business that the Panama Canal represents.

On the other hand, the treaty signed by both parties, besides promoting business activities, consists of facilitating exploratory travels for companies in Malaga interested in developing their business in Panamanian soil.

This practice is known as softlanding.  Through which the PTA businessmen get a chance to know, free of charge, the activities inside the Panamanian technopolis and therefore be informed and advised about how to invest in the zone.

“This treaty makes it possible, for any of the companies in the PTA to have, during a few weeks, a physical space with all the equipment necessary to investigate the Panamanian market”, indicates Sonia Palomo, vice chairman of Transfer Technology and International Relations of the Malaga precincts.

According to Endara, Panama’s International Technopark; formed by some 70 businesses, 18 of them European, focused mostly in technology and bioscience; has served to “close the digital gap that states that Panamanian’s are not particularly innovative or enterprising”.

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