Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

OEI trains teachers and students

OEI, located at the City of Knowledge, through the Institute for Development and Educational Innovation, UDELAS and the University of Panama in Veraguas, conducted the Training Session: The Basics are Basic «Let’s live and play Math,» from October 15 to October 19 2012, aimed at college level teachers and students majoring in Special Education, Education and Stimulation.

This action reflects the interest of the authorities of both Universities and the OEI to provide tools for teaching mathematics in an active manner, ensuring student learning, and taking into account students who can present Special Educational Needs, with or without disabilities.

Professor Elsa de Núñez, Director of UDELAS, and Professor Oria de Alvarado, Deputy Director of UDELAS Veraguas, supported this week of training.

Ms. Melissa Wong, Resident Director of OEI Panama, is very pleased to be cooperating once again with Panamanian education.

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