OEI present at the inaugural Gala: Panama International Afrofestival 2012

Within the framework of the Central America and the Caribbean Cultural Corridor, the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), based at the City of Knowledge, supported the inaugural Gala: Panama International Afrofestival 2012, held in Las Huacas Hall at the Atlapa Convention Center.

Las Huacas Hall opened its doors to the Black Ethnicity Foundation of Panama, the Afro-Panamanian Women’s Network and the Organizing Committee of the First International Panama Afrofestival 2012.

Kayra Hardig of the Afro-Panamanian Women’s Network, Solomon Shaman, Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, and the Director of the National Institute of Culture offered their welcoming remarks to this inaugural event. While Ms. Melissa Wong Sagel, Resident Director of OEI Panama, Ms. Osterlof Doris, Director of the SEGIB, and Ricardo Weeks, Executive Secretary for the Council of Black Ethnicity, thanked the attendees of this important event.

The event was graced by the artistic presentations of Lydia Herrera, the musical group G Armony, musical pieces by Bruno Luis Santos of Brazil and Idania Dowman, guest artist Vicky Leyva of Peru and the Garifonos Ballet of Honduras.

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