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“Ocean Month” Forum at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Dr. Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, participated in the “Ocean Month” Forum last Friday, September 30, at the Earl S. Tupper Auditorium inside the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

The Forum counted with the distinguished presence of experts such as Dr. Emilio Messina, from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), with his conference “Sustainable development plan and management of resources at the Panama Canal Watershed”; Engineer Zuleika Pinzón, Director of Marviva Foundation, who spoke about the “Sorting of the human activities in the sea as a tool for the sustainable use of the oceans”; Indira Duran, from C-Mar, who presented her “Plan of action for the marine corridor and the conservation and sustainable use of fishing resources”; and Dr. Stanley Heckadon M., from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, who dealt with the subject “Science and education in the Marine Laboratory of Punta Galeta, Colón 1961 – 2011”.

Dr. Guillermo Castro gave his conference about “Mangrove Swamps and the Culture of Nature in Panama. A story in three stages”.  His presentation focused on the fact that mangrove swamps are the primary protector of the Panamanian coast and they are in danger. He also emphasized the point that the environment is the product of what society does to nature, and therefore if we want to change the environment we must create a different society.

The forum also offered a very emotional tribute to great Panamanians like Rodrigo Tarté, Raúl Leis, Raúl Escoffery and Klever De Lora who passed away this year and who dedicated their lives for the development of the Republic of Panama.

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