Novasoft at “Transfiere”, the first European Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation

Between the 8th and 9th of February 2012, Novasoft, an affiliate of the City of Knowledge, participated in the first European Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation: “Transfiere”, held at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga.

This networking event specialized in R + D + I aimed to promote knowledge transfer between companies, universities and the public sector, based on the new Laws of Science.

In order to expand the supply of portfolios among Novasoft contributors and start new projects together, a team of professionals from Novasoft Innovation held B2B meetings scheduled with different research groups and companies in various areas of Technology information and Communication applied to health, e-administration, education and tourism, among others.

For two days, the city of Malaga became «the national capital of innovation,» creating a unique space in Spain to promote technology transfer, cooperation and meetings between the science and business fields. “Transfiere” counted with the participation of researchers and institutions of the agribusiness, energy, environment, health, telecommunications, transport and tourism, infrastructure and services sectors.

Furthermore, “Transfiere” counted with the participation of over 170 companies of R + D + I such as Adif, Airbus Military, Covap, Endesa, Ferrovial, Hojiblanca, Iberdrola, Indra, Movistar and OHL, among others. Along with the companies, 36 Spanish universities also attended, as well as more than 30 technological parks and science centers.  More than 1,300 scientific research projects were presented.

About Novasoft

Novasoft is a knowledge-intensive company, whose business areas are geared towards all types of projects that combine innovation and sustainability. In 2008 it was recognized as the best Spanish company with the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the Industrial Quality category. Since 1993, the company has worked in the ICT sector with public and private institutions. Experience and proven solvency in recent years has allowed Novasoft to innovate and diversify their solutions and services to larger fields, mainly to the knowledge field.






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