Nobel Prize Winner at the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge Foundation, in its scientific and humanistic capacity, presented last Saturday June 4th, the conference “Proteolysis and proteolytic enzymes in health and illness, an investigation and medicinal and pharmacology development approach using natural compounds as tools”, by Dr. Robert Huber; which was held at the Convention Center for an eager crowd.

The conference was marked by the presence of people from different specialties, and branches of knowledge, such as professors, scientists, chemists, pharmacists, physicists, bio technicians, psychologists and a specially large crowd of students from different universities, which the doctor acknowledged in different occasions during his presentation.

The presence of Dr. Robert Huber, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, at the City of Knowledge, is a matter of joy and confirmation of the wisdom of those who conceived and created this organization, focused on promoting the role of science, technology and culture in the sustainable development of Panama as a member of the global community of cities and nations.

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