“No al Mosquito” campaign at the City of Knowledge

Taking into consideration the high level of mosquito infestation that the Ministry of Health reports, the City of Knowledge Foundation has decided to intensify its cleaning and sanitation program inside its open spaces in order to eradicate the Dengue transmitting mosquitoes by developing a more aggressive field campaign counting with the participation of all the people who live or work in the City of Knowledge.

With this campaign that starts Saturday, September 17, and that will last until the end of September, there will be an increment in the efforts of intensifying the vigilance of places where water may accumulate and thus convert into potential breeding grounds of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito larvae.

The labors will initialize with a visit to the residential areas of the City of Knowledge along with authorities of the Ministry of Health in order to bring support in their quality of experts. That day all the open areas and external spaces of the residential areas will be covered, plus informative flyers will be handed, fumigations will take place and any reproduction spot of the mosquito will be eliminated.

Maintenance personnel of the City of Knowledge Foundation, along with companies such as HOTECSA, Multi Work and TNT – Plague Control, will have the responsibility to fumigate in the different areas of the City of Knowledge.

Besides the flyers, massive emails will be sent, banners will be laid out, and more actions will take place as part of a communication plan to sensitize and inform the users of the City of Knowledge under the slogan “NO AL MOSQUITO”.

Any suggestion, cooperation or information regarding this subject please contact Engineer Eric Polo at 6948-4479 or 317-0111 EXT. 3741, or write to epolo@cdspanama.org






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