Nicolás Buenaventura shares his fantasy world with the Ateneo

Nicolás Buenaventura jumped into the Ateneo at the City of Knowledge, this Tuesday, August 23, armed with a fabulous imagination that he transformed into words, which mutated into stories that celebrated a world of fantasy for the delight of an audience that lived an unforgettable experience.

With his show “Maestra Palabra: Contemporary and Millenary Stories found at the Wrinkles of Time”, Nicolás captivated everyone who attended the event in order to listen to this unique storyteller.  With a mixture of philosophy, mythology and fantasy, the artist shared stories of his own, plus traditional ones, with great creativity, that focused on subjects such as death, emptiness, women and power, amongst other.

Using strange sound artifacts from Tibet, Brazil and other countries, Nicolás Buenaventura invited the audience to his particular universe of words that he creates with hard work and inventiveness.  Buenaventura dazzled the expecting crowd of the Ateneo with a thousand characters that were used to share the truth inside the fantasy he uses to condiment his life and the lives of everybody who has the pleasure of listening.

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