New Restaurants in the Patio del Sabor at the City of Knowledge

The Patio del Sabor at the City of Knowledge welcomes two new restaurants that will increase the culinary offer that this magnificent open space, where someone can taste a wide variety of Latin American flavors, has to offer.  The new gastronomic offers include: Helados y Delicias del Maná and Mexican Tacos.

Helados y Delicias del Maná is a restaurant that specializes in making tequeños, arepas, cachapas (New Corn sweet tortillas), corn flour empanadas, hot dogs, hamburgers and other type of foods that complement the range of flavors that Panama has to offer.  Besides, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious Venezuelan/Panamanian traditional sandwiches.

Mexican Tacos is an excellent place to enjoy a variety of dishes that go from the traditional quesadillas and tacos, with ready-made tortillas, to antojitos and fresh waters.  Everything is authentic and 100% Mexican.

We hope you get to enjoy these new gastronomic pleasures that the City of Knowledge has to offer inside its Patio del Sabor.

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