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New Educational Path at Las Lajas, Chiriquí

ForestFinance has established a new educational path in Los Monos farm, Las Lajas.  This path goes through a reforested forest, a protection area and the mangrove swamps.  It is an excellent place to do some bird watching and wild animal spotting. A ranch has been built along the path which is perfect for resting and listening to the sounds of the forest.  The duration of the walk is approximately one hour.  We invite everyone to wander through this beautiful path.

With the support of the ALFA group, formed by environmentalist students of the Las Lajas High school, ForestFinance placed 35 informative signs about the characteristics of the trees along the path, such as their medicinal uses. 

ForestFinance is a German-Panamanian company that works with reforestation project investors focused on native trees in different Panama regions.  More than 2000 hectares have been converted from waste grounds to mixed forests that offer a habitat consisting of a great variety of wild animals and tropical plants.

Regular tours at this private reserve are made Fridays and Saturdays for groups up to 15 people.  Please coordinate the details with anticipation.

For more information or bookings please contact: ForestFinance, Las Lajas Chiriquí, Tels. 727 00 10 or 727 06 49 –

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