Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Networking Event at the City of Knowledge

The Academic Department of the City of Knowledge Foundation along with the International Technopark of Panama organized a “Networking Event” for its affiliates, last Tuesday, October 18, at the Convention Center inside the City of Knowledge.

The event counted with the participation of Arturo Aguilar, Director of the Head Office of Panama for the TEC Monterrey, and Dr. José Ramón Sánchez, General Manager of Born Animal Biotechnology, both presenting the diverse projects they are carrying out inside the City of Knowledge.

Arturo Aguilar spoke about the TEC Monterrey, which is represented in 31 campus sites all around Mexico and has 22 head offices around the world. He also informed the audience about the different programs, careers and masters that they offer, as well as future projects they are involved. Besides, he presented the Monterrey Technological System model made by the TEC Monterrey, TEC virtual, TEC millennium and TEC health.  On the other hand Dr. José Ramón Sánchez spoke about the strategic alliances with other organizations that do agricultural investigations and the social responsibility that these investigations have as part of Born Animal Biotechnology.

After the conferences the attendants got together with a casual toast, during which Academic and Technopark affiliates had the chance to get to know each other and exchange ideas with the purpose of forming synergies that can evolve to projects in the near future.

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