Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Michigan Tech University students at the City of Knowledge

On Sunday, August 7, Engineer students of the Senior Capstone Design Program at Michigan Tech University arrived at the City of Knowledge to carry out investigations related to their studies.

Students of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering came to the City of Knowledge campus (their operation base) as part of their Senior Capstone Design Program that will allow for them to visit Emberá and Ngöbe-Buglé communities.  Working closely with Peace Corps volunteers they will design various projects in these communities such as water systems, a footbridge design and a small-scale hydropower system. The students will be collecting data and meeting with the communities in order to complete a design project that will be sent back to Panama, once they are back in the US, for hopeful implementation.

The Senior Capstone Design Program is an International Program that provides a meaningful class experience that combines field construction with an engineering design project to benefit people of the developing world. It also provides students with a platform to consider economic and health factors, social and societal impact, application of appropriate technology, constructability and sustainability, safety, reliability, aesthetics, ethics, and environmental limitations of the developing world while applying engineering skills to a design that results in a more sustainable Earth.

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