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Meeting of the Visitors Centers and Museums Network in the Interoceanic Region of Panama

Wednesday, July 20, at the Training and Business Center inside the City of Knowledge, marked the meeting of the visitors centers and museums network in the interoceanic region of Panama, which is celebrating its third anniversary and has 16 members.  

The meeting centered in the directory of such network, which was presented a year ago, and the soon to be web page which will offer information about the network, its members, activities and related news; everything done to promote tourist attractions associated with Panama’s natural and cultural heritage.

Besides, María Eugenia Herrera, Director of the National Culture Institute (INAC), presented the accomplishments that this institution aims for in order to guide, promote, coordinate and direct the cultural activities inside national territory.

The Network goals are to strengthen the capabilities of each one of the members by creating synergy, sharing experiences and information, resources and opportunities for personnel training, in topics such as interpretation, education and communication, to both increase the number of national and international visitors and to improve each visitors experience.

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