Matildo’s Sculptures for sale at the City of Knowledge

As part of the Festival Verde de Cultura Musical (FVCM) held on Saturday, February 11, at the Central Quad inside the City of Knowledge, eleven of the sixty sculptures of Matildo’s Art, Antiques & Furniture, which were transported from Capira, will remain for sale on campus.

Matildo’s Art, Antiques & Furniture is a company dedicated to the production of works of art such as sculptures, and the reconstruction and sale of antiques like wooden and rustic furniture and other curiosities.

The famous sculptures made from recycled materials are located almost entirely in the Patio del Sabor except those larger in size, which populate the green areas of the campus. The costs of these are listed in the offices of the Foundation for all concerned.

The City of Knowledge Foundation is very pleased to contribute to national artists by providing an international showcase for them to promote their work and thus foster the talent of Panama as well as raise environmental awareness.

Interested please call the City of Knowledge Foundation: 317-0111 ext. 3764 or write to Susana Villarreal at

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