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MarViva Foundation received international recognition

On August 10, 2012, in Panama City, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) gave an honorable mention to MarViva Foundation as part of their Environmental Torch Award, for their work in promoting responsible consumption of fish and shellfish in Costa Rica as well as advocating marine issues.

According to Mónica Gómez of the IUCN «it is a recognition for the work that MarViva has done for conservation, not only in Costa Rica but in the region, as well as their replicable working model in the region as they base their advocacy efforts, participatory processes, multi-sectoral partnerships and the use of communication tools, to promote policies and rules, raise and promote awareness, and favor changing attitudes regarding the marine subject.

The IUCN recognized the work of the Foundation in the advocacy process in two fundamental processes for the conservation of marine resources: first, the inclusion of responsible consumption aspects in the criteria of the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism, its impact on the Tourism Industry in Costa Rica and hence the supply chain.

Second, they highlighted the incidence for the development of the technical regulation to label fishery products and support for responsible consumption, education and building capacity for inspectors, final consumers and suppliers.

According to Jorge Jimenez, General Director of MarViva «this is an acknowledgment that we receive with pride, since it reinforces our commitment to continue working in the region and in Costa Rica so that there is a change in the way we relate to the sea, allowing us to make sustainable use of marine resources and seek an economic, environmental and social balance».

The Environmental Torch Award has been awarded for seven years in Central America and seeks to encourage the advocacy of organizations in order to encourage improvements in environmental regulations such as laws, regulations and decrees.

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