Lunch between MEDCOM Corporation and City of Knowledge Foundation

The News Management team of MEDCOM is aware of its responsibility to share positive news, and sees, in the actions of the City of Knowledge Foundation and the City of Knowledge, a unique opportunity to transmit to its audience activities, events and projects for the benefit of the country and the region.

To this date they have done various features, such as the REDLAC (Risk, Emergency, and Disaster Task Force Inter-Agency Workgroup for Latin America & The Caribbean) report, which focused on the humanitarian help for victims of the Haiti earthquake, which was organized and carried out from the City of Knowledge just hours after the catastrophe. The Sowing of Flags report, highlighting the liberty to put our emblem, in our countries month, in what used to be a military base. And a piece on Sustainable Constructions, emphasizing the good practices that make a construction sustainable with its environment. They have also helped communicate diverse formation and cultural activities that have been developed inside campus during 2011.

With this lunch, the cooperation relationship between both entities increased and served as the perfect scenario for planning a 2012 where TELEMETRO and Canal 4 will continue their job in keeping Panamanians informed about the positive achievements, activities and initiatives that take place inside the City of Knowledge for the benefit of the country.

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