London & Regional Panamá visits the City of Knowledge

On Wednesday, July 13, London & Regional Panamá visited the City of Knowledge Foundation in order to attend a presentation, inside the Convention Center, by the Business Accelerator Director, Manuel Lorenzo, who spoke about the City of Knowledge project as a service center with emphasis in sustainable development.

A select group of people from the marketing and sales department, including the Development Director of the company, took part in the presentation as well as a bus tour of the campus.  The meeting established a communication link and knowledge exchange between the Foundation and London & Regional Panamá.

London & Regional Panamá represents a society between London & Regional Properties, created in 1987, and a Latin American businessman.  The company will invest a minimum of 705 million dollars in the creation of Panama Pacific:  a commercial and business center of worldwide class with high level residential areas, quality tourism and recreational installations, all inside an area inspired in the tropical rainforest with hills, swamps and wetlands.  The project has the objective of creating 40,000 new jobs, 20,000 houses and apartments, and has a million square meters of space for local commerce. 

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