Knowledge Management in a knowledge economy

To close the 2012 City of Knowledge Foundation Extension Program, a conversation with Dr. Mónica Henao, Director of the Knowledge Management Unit at the EAFIT University of Medellín, was held at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center.

The event began with welcoming remarks by Dr. Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who explained that the mission of the City of Knowledge is to place knowledge at the service of sustainable development, promoting the competitive advantages of Panama.

Meanwhile Dr. Henao stated that we seek a better quality of life, value creation and sustainability, and that this is achieved through knowledge, which is a very important factor for production. There is a paradigm shift for the economy, businesses and society that results in a change from investment in fixed assets to investment in intangible assets, and in the change from a Fordist economy to a knowledge-based economy. Today, information and knowledge are a source of income and wealth creation.

For Dr. Henao the exchange of knowledge is essential so that people can communicate both internally and externally, since nothing is gained with knowledge if you cannot exchange and apply it. Data is very important also, but people must know what is Knowledge Management, which is its value, create a culture of understanding, define and articulate strategies and innovate. The purpose is to obtain organizational knowledge, which arises when individuals interact with each other through a system of relationships and connections, producing knowledge flows.

After the presentation of Dr. Henao, reactions were featured by Dr. Nils Castro, of vast experience in regional integration processes and systems theory specialist, José R. Padilla, Director of the IESA program at the City of Knowledge, Eysel Chong, of the City of Knowledge strategic planning office, and the audience.

About the EAFIT University

EAFIT is a recognized university in fields such as engineering, architecture, urban planning, business formation and entrepreneurship, which has close collaborative links with a large group of Colombian companies in Research and Development and Technical Assistance.

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