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KluBest Entrepreneurship Brainstorming at the AEP

On Friday, January 20, at the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator, the KluBest Entrepreneurship Brainstorming took place, led by Mackenze McAleer, an acknowledged expert in website optimization and social media dimension.

The KluBest team had the perfect chance to share ideas with Mackenze McAleer, an Internet presence consultant with over 11 years of professional experience online. Mackenze works primarily with advertising agencies, entertainment studios and global brands to build the best of the Internet on time, on budget, every time.  In this case, the expert helped the KluBest team focus in optimizing its web presence.

The KluBest entrepreneurship is based on being technology-based intermediaries in cyberspace, including manufacturers and retailers on one side and online buyers (Individual and Corporate) on the other. They have two main operating divisions – a procurement agency representing the online Clubs, and a cyberspace-hosting agency representing manufacturers and sellers. KluBest is one of the four entrepreneur projects that won the first version of the Competitive Leap Plan workshops of the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP).


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