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Jorge Boria at the City of Knowledge

The international expert in software quality, who credited the maturity level of the supplier of NASA’s space shuttles, visited the City of Knowledge to talk to affiliates of the International Technopark of Panama about the opportunities and challenges facing Panamanian firms who wish to export software.

Under the title «Software Quality as a Competitiveness Engine» and as part of the monthly meeting of users of the City of Knowledge Technopark, Engineer Jorge Boria, Fellow Consultant of Alcenit Corporation and VP of Liveware, spoke on May 8, 2012, about the opportunities offered by the global software market, the demands on all companies interested in competing and the alternatives that Panama has in order to succeed as a technology development center.

Based on recent examples of successful companies in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, Mr. Boria stressed the importance to achieve and demonstrate high quality standards as a basic element in order to compete. «Panama – he said – has several positive elements in its favor: its geographical position, minimum time difference with the continent’s largest markets and knowledge of the English language”. Based on his experience of more than 40 years in the software industry, he stressed that a joint effort between companies and universities is not the only requirement, since the government has an important role through incentives aimed at increasing research and quality certifications.

«As an economic activity, software shows the benefits of globalization without most of its negative effects. It’s a transverse technology that improves the competitiveness of different sectors: from logistics and manufacturing to telecommunications and financial services  (including insurance companies), software has had multiplier effects in these industries, but recently also in health, education and government. Besides, it’s a clean industry that doesn’t contaminate and creates well-paying jobs while promoting social mobility. It also helps to improve the country’s business culture, importing good management practices of leading countries in technology. It contributes to improve infrastructure, shortens the digital divide and increases the demand for investment in education. According to the Global Information Technology Report of the World Economic Forum, Panama is ranked 126 in terms of exports of high technology. Hence, it is a line where we can move more and impact on competitiveness through joint efforts of the City of Knowledge, private companies, universities and government. Yet before we start running we have to learn to crawl, and before innovating we should achieve the quality levels that are standard worldwide”.

He also explained that to play globally it is necessary to have a minimum of demonstrable quality with a CMMI certification, for example, or follow the SOFTEX models of Brazil or Moprosoft models of Mexico. Initially it comes to competing on price, but the fate of Panama should be looking for system architecture activities to develop high-level skills and activities with a higher added value: the pleasuresthat customers value and few offer.

Upon completion the International Technopark of Panama, located at the City of Knowledge, entertained their users and special guests with a toast.



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