ISTHMUS students build a green wall and roof

Architecture students of the Latin America and the Caribbean School of Architecture and Design ISTHMUS, located inside the City of Knowledge, built a green wall and roof as part of their seminar “Green Covers” given by architect Ana María Gutiérrez.

During the seminar, architect Ana María Gutiérrez, who works in social housing projects through bio construction techniques, taught the ISTHMUS students how to build a green wall and roof that can already be seen at the City of Knowledge campus.

The green wall process implies the creation of a wall that is covered with vegetation through openings where soil and plants are placed. In this case, the ten students that participated in the project used shade and full sun plants that were placed strategically according to the wall’s orientation.

On the other hand the green roof that was created does not only serve an ornamental purpose because soil is a good insulator with a high heat capacity that can reduce the temperature inside of the building, while at the same time giving nature some of its green space back.

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