Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

International company visits the City of Knowledge

In recent days engineers of the Community of Sustainability Knowledge of the company Odebrecht, who participated in an international forum in Panama City, and with the objective of enhancing the synergy between «People of Knowledge», visited the City of Knowledge.

In order to adopt a management model where the operation is decentralized and therefore spread knowledge through the transversality between business and contracts, this construction company created the Knowledge Network. The Network consists of 13 Knowledge Communities, which serve as internal thematic discussion forums. The visit aimed to share the differential promotion of sustainable development in Panama, through the structure and concepts of the City of Knowledge.

The group received a presentation about the concepts and operation of the City of Knowledge based on its mission to place knowledge at the service of sustainable development, promoting the competitive advantages of Panama in six priority areas: environmental management, biosciences, information technologies, global services, entrepreneurial culture and human development, and got to see how the campus operates and who’s responsible for achieving this mission.


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