Innovation at Casco Antiguo

The Business Accelerator of the City of Knowledge and the Casco Antiguo Office (OCA), yesterday announced the contest for culturally based businesses at Casco Antiguo, with a view to promoting culturally based ideas with growth capability as well as attributing value to the cultural heritage. The contest is open to already existing cultural businesses wishing to develop themselves further or for new ideas, on the condition that they be developed at Casco Antiguo. Already 15 premises have been obtained and it is expected that within 3 years (when the project is concluded) there may be 50 premises of cultural businesses, as anticipated by Pitu Jaén, assistant to OCA’s directorate. Instead of cash, the awards are workshops for the development of business plans conducted by the network of entrepreneurial solutions, Fundes, according to Manuel Lorenzo, manager of the Business Accelerator. Nevertheless, Banco Delta has committed itself to give loans to some of the businesses, he said. The funds for the entire project, which includes a study on cultural entrepreneurial trends and a work on anchor businesses amount to 1.2 million dollars contributed by the Inter­American Development Bank (IDB) and OCA.

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