Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Initiation of the Solid Waste Process at the City of Knowledge

The Waste Collection and Manage Center (CAM), located at building 216 of the City of Knowledge, started functioning last September 5, 2011.

Having in mind that the sensitizing and capacitation part is the most important strategic ally for the success of the Integral Solid Waste Management System, 11 capacitation sessions where given to users of the campus, with the objective of designing and implementing actions for the correct and integral management of solid wastes generated at the City of Knowledge.

During the sessions the campus users were taught to reduce the quantity of waste they generate, to reuse some elements that have already been used, to separate the solid waste in the right way in order to hand them to the CAM, information about the CAM schedule, the location of the temporary external waste disposals, the difference between garbage and solid waste and everything related to the Integral Solid Waste Management System.

Once the capacitation sessions concluded the Solid Waste Management System started; this System is a pillar of the City of Knowledge Environmental Management System, which fulfills one of the strategies of its Sustainable Policy.  The objective is to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose the waste in a sustainable manner in order to avoid the negative effects that these may have on health and the environment.

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