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Informative Session about the Solid Waste Management System at the City of Knowledge

This Thursday, July 28, at the Convention Center at the City of Knowledge, an Informative Session about the Solid Waste Management System was presented to campus users.

The President and Legal Representative of the Social Action for Panama Foundation (FAS), Marisol Landau, offered a presentation based on the System and how they will proceed to act. Landau explained how last year they did a study about the quantity of waste produced inside the campus and the need to recover most of it.  She also emphasized the point that the separation of waste has initiated but there is a need to implement an awareness strategy that will take place during the month of August, so that users can join this initiative and act accordingly.

Mabelys Cedeño, Head of Environmental Security at the City of Knowledge, reminded the attendants that the Sustainable Policy of the City of Knowledge involves many more aspects and that with some patience the proper changes will occur, making it a huge success.  Likewise she presented the new Sustainable City section of the web page, which can be accessed through this link:

The great challenge of the City of Knowledge Foundation is to create and secure an efficient, competitive and solidary environment, whose development will be sustained in the delicate balance between the economic, the social and the environmental, with an effective mix of the global and local.

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