Indigenous Ethnic Groups of Panama Craftwork Sale

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), through its Ngäbe-Buglé project, celebrated the Indigenous Ethnic Groups of Panama Craftwork Sale this Friday, August 12, at the United Nations Information Center inside the City of Knowledge.

The Craftwork Sale is a part of the contest “Indigenous Women in their Fight Against Poverty” which was held Thursday, August 11, and consists in bringing opportunities to diverse women organizations.  This year a whole day was reserved just for sales in which different ethnic indigenous groups participated, such as the Emberá, Ngäbe-Buglé, Kuna and the Naso community, which is slowly disappearing.

Hand made objects like dresses, collars, bags, molas, bracelets, hats, decorations, handbags and even organic products like sugar cane honey could be found at the sale. The event gave these organizations a platform in which they could show their craftwork and in the process raise social awareness so that people can be more familiarized with their communities.

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