Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

IDEL establishes an Electronic Information Point at the City of Knowledge

Last Friday, October 21, at building 239 inside the City of Knowledge, the company Innovation and Development Latin America, S.A. (IDEL) presented an Electronic Information Point that will be available to all campus users.

With regards to the commitment that IDEL has with Technology Innovation and supporting the synergy of knowledge between users of the City of Knowledge, they have decided to create this Electronic Information Point that offers information about the City of Knowledge and connectivity to all users. The Information Point consists of a touch screen that allows a simpler and more intuitive use, a braille keyboard where each key has its own braille codification that allows use for blind people, a trackball mouse, a flash/usb card reader and an anti vandalism system.

IDEL, Innovation and Development Latin America, S.A. is a consultancy company with integral solutions for public administration, private companies, social entities and citizens in general.  They provide services in consultancy, engineering, environment and tourism, rural development, agriculture, social cohesion projects, capacitation and formation, software and hardware solutions, outsourcing, integral management, information and communication technologies (IT). Always adapting to the different needs of public entities, private companies and society in general.

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