How to achieve good governance of Technology

One of the most popular terms in the field of Information Technology (IT) is Governance, which is often associated to specific quality frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL or CMMI. There is also the misconception that knowing these frameworks automatically means you have good governance in the organization. Although it is a very good first step, nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to define what constitutes good governance, which is the value it brings to an IT unit and how existing quality frameworks, such as ITIL v3, can be used to strengthen governance in an IT unit; the conference «ITIL in IT Governance» was held on Wednesday, October 17, at the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator.  The conference, dictated by Engineer Lorna Sánchez, was part of the Conference Cycle in Actualization of Information Technologies co-organized by Alcenit Corporation. The event was attended by members of the Entrepreneurs Network and representatives of private companies and public institutions interested in the governance of IT organizations based on the industry best practices.

The conference showed how ITIL v3 can complement other quality frameworks to ensure good governance of an IT operation, aligned with business objectives.

Engineer Lorna Sánchez is a process consultant specializing in Service Management based on ITIL and ISO 20000. She has participated in projects adopting best practices of technology, from software development and acquisition, to delivery of technology services. PMP and ITIL certified, she has worked as a consultant in the areas of application design, implementation and design of information systems, strategy analysis, definition of effective processes for IT divisions and information security for private companies and government agencies. Ms. Sánchez has a master’s degree in Telecommunications from the University of Bradford in the UK and a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Technological University of Panama.

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