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Governor of Antioquia visits the City of Knowledge

On Wednesday, September 19, Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, received Mr. Sergio Fajardo Valderrama, Governor of Antioquia, Colombia.

The Antioquia delegation, which also included Juan David Valderrama López, Iván Marulanda Gómez, Iván Mauricio Pérez Salazar and Federico José Restrepo Posada, received a lecture about the interest of the Foundation to integrate Panama in international development through knowledge management. Hence the importance of strengthening the bond that optimizes the economic relationship between the countries of the North and the Pacific Basin, where the global services knowledge management platform is a component that is linked to economic changes.

The Governor of Antioquia highlighted the similarity of their government’s vision with the City of Knowledge, where its management (which is not allied to any party, but part of an independent movement) has been characterized by a movement of transformation, with a development model that integrates science, technology, research, entrepreneurship and culture. And where education is viewed as a counter to the problems of inequality, violence and legality.

Mr. Sergio Fajardo Valderrama said the City of Knowledge project was «music to his ears». He also stated «the poverty of our people can not be the basis for development. The solution is education and the development of an entrepreneurial culture that begins with the youngest».

Under these premises, the mission to Panama is made looking for development and mutual learning models for feedback into the development project in the region of Urabá in Antioquia, which includes a connectivity road project, a maritime development vision and logistics for an industrial load zone.

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