Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Georgetown University President visits the City of Knowledge

Executives of the City of Knowledge Foundation, led by its President Dr. Juan David Morgan, received a delegation from Georgetown University, chaired by its President, Dr. John J. DeGioia, at the Digital Classroom inside the Convention Center.

Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, gave a presentation that highlighted the history of what used to be a military base that turned into a global center for knowledge. He emphasized on the mission to use this knowledge for the benefit of sustainable development, by promoting the competitive advantages of Panama, in six priority areas: environmental management, biosciences, information technology, global services, human development, and business management and entrepreneurship.

The Georgetown delegation, which included members of the board for University programs in Latin America, was informed of the City of Knowledge project and its scope for academic programs and partnerships with various local and international entities. In addition, the new informative video about the City of Knowledge, made by Panamanian filmmaker Abner Benaim, was presented and a copy of the book «City of Knowledge: A legacy under Construction» was handed to every member.

A part of the delegation had an exploratory meeting with executives of the City of Knowledge Foundation in order to consider possible future actions and the presence of Georgetown University for the Latin American region inside the context of the City of Knowledge.


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