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"Forest of Fame" Project on Arbor Day Celebration

On May 18, 2012, ForestFinance, company located at the City of Knowledge, and ANARAP, National Association of Reforestation, introduced the new forestry project «Forest of Fame» and celebrated Arbor Day at the Metropolitan Park where they planted more than 50 trees.

This year, the National Association of Reforestation of Panama, ANARAP, created a new forestry project called «Forest of Fame.» The project seeks to appoint a Panamanian character that in the past made extraordinary efforts to protect the tropical forests of our country. The purpose is to repeat this annually during the celebration of Arbor Day. Thus the «Forest of Fame» will grow so that each character chosen by the public will receive a tree and plant in the «Forest of Fame» which will be in a public place in Panama City. The chosen characters will act as sponsors of the trees.

ANARAP asks the Panamanian public to propose characters from the following sectors: Sector 1.: Political / government / authorities. Sector 2.: People from NGOs. Sector 3.: Other

The names and titles of those elected must be submitted by May 31st to: After this date the candidates will be presented on the ANARAP website and through an online survey it will be possible to vote for the final candidate. The winners will be presented in an ANARAP event to be held in July 2012.

It will be a real pleasure to share with you this activity, which unites us all in its purpose.

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