Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

First module of the new City of Knowledge dormitories has been enabled

The first module of this sustainable building registered for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its efficiency in energy and water consumption, low cost of operation and maintenance, and designed to have a long life, has been successfully completed. This construction goes within the framework of the City of Knowledge management, which aims to build a Sustainable City in Panama, since it is the first building of its kind to operate in the country.

The first of four modules that make up the new City of Knowledge dormitories is now being occupied by students from the Monterrey TEC, who are using the facilities since Sunday, June 3rd, as part of their Program “Escuelas Prácticas 2012”.

This two-story building has 12 rooms per floor and each room has a balcony overlooking an inner garden, cable TV, internet, bathroom with low consumption faucets and an intelligent system that controls the lighting and air conditioning to save energy. The 23 students staying there are conducting a field project in different companies at the City of Knowledge International Technopark and Panama City.

The City of Knowledge Dormitories project (over 5,500 m2) planned to house 190 people, involves a total of 96 rooms with open courtyards for recreation and independent social areas. The design incorporates sunshades and blinds to protect the building from excessive sun exposure and provides for the use of natural ventilation. This new building serves as housing for students, teachers and those engaged in training, education and exhibitions within the City of Knowledge.

The four modules are intended to be fully operational by the end of August and there is already a demand for space from various study groups and executives from companies inside the City of Knowledge International Technopark.


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