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First International Digital Journalism and New Media Forum at the City of Knowledge

The “First International Digital Journalism and New Media Forum” took place last Tuesday, November 15, as part of the 2011 Panama Entrepreneur Week, which is being held at the Business and Formation Center inside the City of Knowledge.

Víctor Alejandro Mojica, Partner & Founder of Red Media Editorial Group, was in charge of inaugurating the forum by sharing his experience with new media when he started a blog that later became an online magazine. Victor created the digital and printed platform “El Guayacán”, a magazine that focuses on journalistic and artistic chronicles that proposes a different way of communicating by representing a new scenery were young people are doing a really interesting job.

Olga Lozano, Creative Director of “La Silla Vacía”, a Colombian publication that deals with local politics, spoke about her experience. She explained how journalism stopped being creative and why she decided to bet on new ways of journalism by favoring factual information before opinions. She also advocated a new type of journalism that grows from a creative way of constructing new media.

Carlos Martinez, journalist for “El Faro”, spoke about the origins of the webpage he writes for and life in El Salvador, which he described as a very violent country. According to Martínez the development of new ways of communication must go through a period of many questions that should lead to a communication strategy that tends to the needs expected of a journalist. He also emphasized the point that a journalist must have a very rigorous method of obtaining and verifying information in order to communicate with relevance.

Mario Tascón, Partner & Director of “Prodigioso Volcán”, participated via videoconference from Spain where he spoke about the evolution of the media. His presentation focused in the fact that communication has changed since it used to be controlled by professionals, but it is now the users, machines and professionals the ones that control the information for different audiences that expect a whole new narrative.

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