Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

FAS begins operations in the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge confronts this year the new challenge of implementing an Integral System of Solid Waste Disposal Management, which has been designed with the technical support of the Social Action Foundation for Panama (FAS) and the participation of a committee formed by representatives of different institutions on campus.

By means of an agreement with the City of Knowledge, FAS will be entrusted with the operation and management of the recycle component regarding this new system, as well as undergoing the labor of sensitizing campus users about the correct ways to separate and dispose the solid waste.  FAS has more than 15 years experience in promotion and execution of programs designed for sustainable development.   To begin with the implementation of the recycling process, FAS has initiated its operations in building 216, close to the commercial area of the City of Knowledge.  Starting next august, FAS will be in charge of the separation and transfer of the soon to be recycled waste production generated on campus and will transport it to the recycling center where the waste will be classified, registered, stored and commercialized.   The Foundation will be informing its community as this innovative project of waste management advances, which, along with several other measures, plans to convert the City of Knowledge into a reference point with regards in matters of urban sustainable development.

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