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Executive Coaching and Mentoring Conference at the AEP

On Tuesday, September 27, professor José Luis Revah of the ADEN Business School gave the conference “Executive Coaching and Mentoring” at the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP).

The conference counted with the participation of members of the Entrepreneur Network of the AEP as well as professionals from the public and private sectors. The conference dealt with subjects such as: coaching as a tool of personal change, from management to coaching, the coaches role inside the organization, the difference between coach, mentor, instructor, manager and leader.  Besides, other subjects were tackled such as: the art of feedback, conflict management, meeting management, emotional management, what do people demand from the coach, internal coaching and external coaching, the discipline of mental models in effective coaching and mentoring concept and practices.

Professor José Luis Revah has a Postgraduate Degree in Management of Complex Organizations from the Sloan School of Management of MIT and a Postgraduate Degree in the Philosophy of Language from the TNG of San Francisco in the U.S.  He is also a specialist in ontological coaching and a consultant for various companies in Latin America.

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