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Engeenuity wins first place in Business category at the Ideas Contest 2012

The project Biophotonics Prints with APSE technology, from Engeenuity, which inhibit reproduction of microorganisms in water and allow for the best food preservation, through a natural physical process activated by sunlight, won first place in the Business category of the 10th edition of the Ideas Contest 2012 in Caracas, Venezuela.

The initiative, proposed by Federico Fernández, Julio Lavergne and Víctor De Franco Levi, was selected as the best business plan among 900 entrepreneurships presented this year.

The jury highlighted the individual, local and global impact of this proposal that promises less bacteria, less disease, fewer additives, more security, higher quality, better health and wellness in the industrial and agricultural processes.

The company Engeenuity, affiliated to the City of Knowledge International Technopark, also won the CAF award – Development Bank of Latin America – for Business Innovation.


The Ideas Contest is organized by the Ideas Foundation and Mercantile Bank. It also has the support of the Institute of Advanced Management Studies (IESA), the Escritorio Jurídico Palacios, Ortega & Associates and McKinsey & Company as co-organizers.

This year Ideas was supported by more than 40 higher education institutions, members of the Tutor Network, plus 40 sponsor companies, leaders in various sectors of the Venezuelan economy: Chevron, Empresas Polar, El Nacional, Acumuladores Duncan, Cargill, El Universal, Cadena Capriles, El Mundo Economía & Negocios, Inelectra, Envases Venezolanos, Publicis Dialog, Televen, Shell, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, Ford Motor Venezuela, Movistar, Digitel, Dana, Fundación Seguros Caracas, Tarsus, Unión Radio, Corpalmar, Sivensa, Tal Cual, Revista RSE, Total, Diario Nuevo Día, MRW, Pfizer, Oracle, Cinesa Soluciones Audiovisuales, El Informador, Notitarde, Panorama, Aserca Airlines Venezuela, Mauna Media, Domínguez & Cía., Microsoft, Prime Time Dos Literas and El Impulso.

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