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Engeenuity is selected as a finalist in Globaliza T 2012

The City of Knowledge Business Accelerator, through its annual edition contest GlobalizaT, has selected Engeenuity as a finalist.

Rules and Requirements:

The process aims to strengthen GlobalizaT projects and companies based in Panama by offering them the opportunity to get investment advice and prepare them to compete globally. Employers of all levels, from different localities nationwide have applied to be part of this initiative and accelerate their growth.

Program Objectives:

– Select, convert and encourage best business proposals, innovative, with global potential and rapid growth of any sector of economic development / production.

– Promote and support the generation of an entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

– To encourage the growth of established enterprises.

Evaluation Criteria:

The jury will review criteria such as: business opportunity, value proposition, business model, clarity and focus of the project, key success factors, timing and scalability in the market, potential size, identifying sources of revenues and costs, time to launch the business to foreign market, management team, social impact, innovation, scalability, plan and output growth, among others.

The following are the general evaluation criteria:

1. Does it clearly define the problem or need?

2. Does it clearly define the product or service?

3. Is the alternative solution an attractive and realistic opportunity?

4. Is the real market potential big enough?

5. Does it identify clearly the competition?

6. Does it clearly define who the first customers are?

7. Does the business idea show «uniqueness» or differential?

8. Are there sufficient skills and knowledge in the team?

9. Is the venture innovative or is it following other that exist?

10. Does the team have the communication abilities and attitude to sell and communicate the idea /project?

11. Does the project have what it takes to rise or obtain venture capital (angel or funds)?

Engeenuity thanks the «coaches» assigned in each preparation workshops for their dedication and proactive attitude in sharing knowledge, skills and showing a clearer path to success, taking into account competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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