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ENGEENUITY is a finalist of the Ideas Contest 2012 in Venezuela

Engeenuity S.A., company affiliated to the City of Knowledge International Technopark, is a finalist among business projects in the 10th Ideas Contest 2012 in Venezuela.

Of the 23 entrepreneurships selected, 11 are business projects and 12 are projects of social entrepreneurship, from different areas of economic activity in Venezuela.

In the Business Projects category, where Engeenuity is a finalist, proposals were chosen from sectors such as: Education, Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Marketing / Distribution and Other Technologies, as well as Agriculture / Agricultural, Food and Industry. Meanwhile, in the category of Social Entrepreneurship Ideas, initiatives from the Education, Health and Professional Services sectors go to the final round.

In the coming days the finalist teams will be trained to present their proposals to a panel of experts and business leaders who will be in charge of selecting the three best business projects, the two top sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives, plus honorable mentions.

Winners will be announced on November 16 by the website:

About Engeenuity, S.A.

Engeenuity is an R&D focused company that produces devices with its proprietary photonics-based technology APSE ™ Advanced Physics System Engineering. This innovative technology is based on light activated portable devices, which deliver specifically designed levels of electromagnetic energy and photonic activity that naturally inhibits the reproductive cycles of various microorganisms. It’s capable of handling and balancing pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Its easy and practical application ensures the quality and the integrity of water and food with extended shelf life, in a non-invasive, all natural and safe way.  The APSE™ technology has been in development for more than 8 years and has been successfully tested and implemented by relevant companies in both foods sector and water treatment businesses. 

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