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Effective Presentations Workshop at the City of Knowledge

On Tuesday, June 26, the Effective Presentations Workshop, taught by Stefany Cohen, took place at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center.

The workshop focused mostly on the importance of creating the content you want to present. According Stefany, to give an amazing presentation during 1 hour one must prepare for 30 hours, thus it is elementary to practice a lot. She stressed that presentations should be kept short in order to ensure that people have more retentive. It is important, therefore, to tell the audience how long you’re going to talk about and think very clearly about if the subject will interest them. Ms. Cohen spoke about the different types of customers (ideal, difficult), types of stories (anecdotes, metaphors) to share on presentations, how to engage the audience and find one’s rhythm.

The key to become really good at something is to practice and not to start with huge projects, but with great philosophies instead. Entrepreneurship is an attitude, a search, and the entrepreneur can grow anywhere since it is not an exclusive club, all you need are ideas and the courage to act upon them.

Stefany Cohen is a Presentation Coach on her business: the Good Ideas Workshop. She also studied Media, Culture and Communication at NYU, specializing in Persuasion and Social Processes.

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