Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Eco Creating at My Living Planet

On Friday, August 26, My Living Planet, located at the commercial area at the City of Knowledge, conducted the workshop for kids: Eco Creating (ideas with recyclable materials).

The initiative counted with the presence of kids who learned how to make wallets by using recyclable materials such as Tetra Pak.  Querube Elena Alvarado, who explained to the children how they could reuse certain materials to create attractive and useful objects, dictated the workshop.

My Living Planet was born a few years ago with the objective of communicating and promoting subjects such as conservation, education, recycling, culture, health and self-sustainability.  Its focus consists in making a difference by transmitting collective knowledge that benefits the planet as well as a better quality of life reinforced in human values.  Besides, they seek to promote human talent, self-sustainability and unite diverse groups and institutions that share their principles and values.

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