Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Dr. Javier Fernández Aguado visits the City of Knowledge

Last week Dr. Fernández Aguado was in Panama dictating a seminary about “Direction through Habits and the language of Leadership”, organized by the ADEN Business School for Human Resource Managers of Latin America, when he took the time to visit the City of Knowledge Foundation.

During his visit, the Manager of the Business Accelerator of Panama, Manuel Lorenzo, the Infrastructure and Service Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, Tomás Paredes, and the Director of the International Technopark of Panama, Ricardo Endara, received Dr. Fernández Aguado.  Dr. Aguado was positively impressed by what the City of Knowledge is accomplishing by becoming a center of knowledge at the service of sustainable development, by promoting the competitive advantages of Panama, in six different areas: Environmental Management, Biosciences, Information Technologies, Global Services, Business Management and Entrepreneurship and Human Development.

Javier Fernández Aguado has a Ph.D. in philosophy, history and economy, is a best selling author, lecturer, university professor, manager and coach for CEO’s of various of the main Spanish companies. He has received the Peter Drucker award and is the only living Spaniard that has had an international Symposium dedicated with more than 600 assistants from 12 different countries due to his contribution to management.

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