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Cooperation Agreement USMA-Certitel

June 19 marked the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua (USMA) and Certitel S.A., company affiliated to the Academic Department of the City of Knowledge Foundation. 

Mr. Carlos Alberto Voloj Pereira, Rector of the USMA, and Engineer Daniel Arturo Morera Chacín, Director of Certitel, chaired the event. This represents the beginning of a fruitful alliance, which is already developing the first concrete agreements.

Certitel S.A. is a company thatdevelopscertifications of international recognition in the area of transport in communications networks of information, having like premises the excellence, economic viability and environmental protection. It has a Training Center, located at the City of Knowledge, and grants certifications in the area of ​​Telecommunications, with specialized courses in Information Transport Networks: Fiber Optics, Copper Networks (multi-pair and coaxial cable) and Wireless Links.

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