Cooperation Agreement between UNITEC-Certitel

On August 28, the University of Technology and Commerce of Nicaragua and Certitel S.A., an affiliate of the Academic Department of the City of Knowledge Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement.

The event was chaired by the Secretary General of the UNITEC, Ms. Alma Luisa Gutierrez, and Academic Vice-Rector, Engineer Domingo Andino, and by Daniel Arturo Morera of Certitel. The signing of the agreement was the culmination of a very successful conference on «Tendencies in Structured Cabling and Fiber Optics» that took place at a prestigious hotel in the city of Managua, Nicaragua.

Certitel S.A. is a company that develops certifications of international recognition in the area of transport in communications networks of information, taking as premises excellence, economic sustainability and environmental protection. It has a Training Center, located at the City of Knowledge, and grants certifications in the telecommunications field, with specialized courses in Information Transport Networks: Fiber Optic, Copper Networks (multi pair and coaxial) and Wireless Links.

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