Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Cooperation Agreement between FCDS and The Texas Christian University

On Wednesday, November 14, a cooperation agreement was signed between the City of Knowledge Foundation, represented by its Executive Director, Jorge Arosemena, and The Texas Christian University (TCU), represented by Dr. Bonnie Melhart, Associate Provost and Dean of University Programs.

This cooperation agreementwill allow TCU and the City of Knowledge Foundation to know each other better and further explore ways of working together, so that the City of Knowledge can be used as a regional platform to provide educational services to farming and agricultural sectors in the region.

According to Melhart “we came to explore possibilities with the City of Knowledge for international exchange programs and how we might work together on common issues. We have met with INDICASAT and other City of Knowledge affiliates to explore possibilities for research and study abroad programs. We hope some of our faculty would want to bring students and researchers here and vice versa”.

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