Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Cooperation Agreement between FCDS and Banco Delta

In recent days the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS) and Banco Delta signed a cooperation agreement. The Executive Director of the FCDS, Professor Jorge Arosemena, and Executive Vice President and General Manager of Banco Delta, Gina Marissa González de Sáenz, signed the agreement.

Both sides will seek to foster cooperation in activities that promote a greater understanding of issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, culture and sustainable development based on Intellectual Property.

Banco Delta is also committed to participate in activities and training organized by the City of Knowledge Foundation, including Entrepreneurs Network sessions, and support of entrepreneurs who choose financial consultation or simply need financial advice. This agreement will allow Banco Delta and the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) to conduct joint initiatives aimed at the growth of entrepreneurship in the country.

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