Conference “What does an entrepreneur do when he gets a no for an answer?” at the AEP

The City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) and Inested Advance presented with huge success the conference: “What does an entrepreneur do when he gets a no for an answer?” last Friday, October 21, at the Panama Business Accelerator.

The conference, which counted with the participation of a great number of entrepreneurs, explained the emotions, thoughts and behavior of an entrepreneur when his/her proposal has been rejected. When an entrepreneur gets a “no” for an answer the first thing he/she experiences is an emotion, such as fear, anger or sadness. From the limbic system, the brain structure in charge of emotions, energy and hormones are generated, which can stay inside the body and affect the person’s health in a negative way. When the entrepreneur learns to feel, identify and liberate these emotions, he/she can start thinking and acting in an assertive way and transform these emotions into a boost.

Abraham Zalzman and Milena Figueroa Lea dictated the conference.  Mr. Zalzman is the creator of Seremprendedor, as well as a curse and workshop designer in areas such as Technology in Training, Management and Supervisor Formation, Consultant Formation, Coaching, Leadership and Negotiation and facilitator of learning experiences. Mrs. Figueroa Leal is a Specialist in Human Resource Management, Group Dynamics and an international lecturer who has 14 years of experience in teaching.

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